Raine Taylor

Valuation & Transaction Support

Facilitating the process while ensuring constant progress, Raine makes every valuation and every transaction a seamless experience. From listing to settlement, small businesses to large corporations, his prowess caters to clients Australia-wide. A quick learner, analytical thinker, and attentive communicator, Raine absorbs the long-standing experience of his team while holding himself to the highest standard. And it’s this attentive disposition that benefits every client interaction. As an accomplished golfer, Raine practices precision and focus as essential conduits for success on the course and in his every day. But it’s his finance background that affords him a broad understanding of the intricacies involved in parting with your real estate legacy — and so he’s made it his to simplify the steps to maximise it.

The short: Where there are complex business decisions, there’s extensive responsibility — and Raine takes considerable care in supporting his clients professionally, and emotionally, throughout.

Raine Taylor | Pendium Advisory