It’s no secret that rent roll transactions are complex and lengthy — it’s exactly why we do what we do. Making the process simple begins with education, so we’ve provided short summaries of our most common requests below to help guide your initial services.

Short answer: Most likely.

Long answer: While an appraisal is a useful guide, a valuation is the true determinant when it comes to negotiating with a buyer, due to the higher level of value influence and understanding come transaction. The formal nature of a valuation also categorises it as a bankable document, meaning it can also be used for management buy-out or refinancing purposes. Finally, the consideration of demand and risk factors associated with a rent roll means a valuation prepares you for the due diligence period, better equipping you to minimise losses and maximise reserved value.

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: The misconception that selling a rent roll is as simple as selling a property can be dangerous, especially when it comes to preserving the value of your asset. Selling your business at maximum value means using specialists who know how to conduct a fair deal and manage a transaction (as well as the following transition) that best protects your business. Aside from limiting access to potential buyers, going alone also means you have to manage the complicated process without expert advice and guidance while still looking after the day-to-day of your business. To ensure each stage of the process is managed effectively, our team has mapped the 14 stages of rent roll transactions in detail, so every party understands their respective responsibilities, deadlines, and documentation necessary for a smooth transition.

Short answer: There are certain mechanisms in place to protect you.

Long answer: As a seller we highly recommend not telling your staff until the transaction is unconditional. For buyers, the Confidentiality, Non-Disclosure and Purchase Agreement prohibits them from talking about or passing on information to any third parties. The seller reserves the right of enforcing significant penalties if breached.

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