To Make a Long Story, Short.

Sortium simplifies management conversion by streamlining the transfer process. As a cloud-based system, all documentation is centralised, paper-light, and it updates and saves in real-time; keeping progress transparent and communication straightforward at every stage, and for everyone involved.

Effectively freeing up resources while safeguarding success rates, Sortium makes the difference when it comes to modern management transactions.


A technological advantage for all sides.

In Short: For Buyers.

Outlining the exact scope of managements to be converted, including all documentation and agreed-upon multipliers, Sortium allows buyers to track the transfer status. With the ability to review all information and tick off those managements ready for payment, it’s an essential tool for comprehensive due diligence, conversion, and retention. Keeping buyers prepared and set up for success come successful transfer.

In Short: For Stakeholders.

Granting view-only access to those that have vested interest in seeing the transfer’s progress, Sortium also supports lenders, admin, legal and accounting teams. With outstanding values and total conversions updated in real time, the system upholds transparency and accountability throughout the transaction and allows external partners to provide accurate and timely data for settlements.

In Short: For Sellers.

Documenting progress at every stage — call made, new authority sent, signed and returned, etc. — as well as calculating values, Sortium centralises all due diligence and information relating to the transfer of managements. Simple to use and highly effective in ensuring a smooth conversion process, it greatly benefits clear communication for both parties — and all involved stakeholders too.

In Short: For Businesses.

Historically documented in archaic spreadsheets, Sortium is the 21st century’s answer to management conversion, simplified. Set up as a versatile system, it can adapt to your business while safeguarding the same effectiveness of transfers. Contact us to find out more about white-labelling Sortium for your business objectives.


Progress through process.


Seller setup


Seller initiates landlord calls and obtains new Management Authority.


Seller to collate all required documents.


Buyer to check data and documents.


Buyer to contact landlords.


Seller to update data, generate arrears and vacancy reports five days prior to settlement.


Buyer to ‘Accept & Settle’ managements.


Pendium to produce Settlement List for approval.


Sortium in situ.

Our experience with Pendium was first class from start to finish. Their expertise and professionalism helped us achieve an outstanding result in selling our rent roll and Sortium was an excellent tool that really helped us through the journey from listing to settlement. Highly recommend their services, Lachlan and Michelle were an absolute pleasure to work with

Sue Quinn

Director, Burswood Peninsula Real Estate

Michelle and Lachlan diligently guided my rent roll purchase process. Pendium Advisory’s online property record tracking system, Sortium, helped track and record the management authority conversion process which made the settlement easy and accurate. I can’t speak highly enough about Michelle’s knowledge about property management and industrial experience. She is so pleasant to work with and she resolved any issues I had.

Lucy Deng

Principal, Aus Vision Realty Group

I found Pendium Advisory to be a thoroughly professional team when selling our rent roll. Our asset was well presented to the marketplace and prompted over 30 submissions of interest. Once we had selected the most compatible purchaser, they supervised the sale process from contract acceptance to settlement, providing checklists and full support along the way. The conversion and settlement took place without a hitch. I can recommend them as thorough experts in their field.

David Banovich

Principal, Banovich Hillman

Amazing performance from the whole team at Pendium Advisory. Mark and the team helped us package, market and sell our diverse property management portfolio. They were extremely professional and an absolute pleasure to work with from beginning to end. I highly recommend their well-planned and executed sales process. Thanks for a fantastic outcome for all parties.

Andrew Finlayson

Managing Director, Carrington Property Group