Understanding is the key to maximum value.

Being aware of the value of your business is an essential component to determining, and influencing, current and future market appeal. An in-depth strategic analysis can help you solidify plans to sell your business, or outline opportunities to advance your asset to better meet your goals and objectives in the long-term.

Our specialists will complete a comprehensive business valuation to determine areas of improvement, gaps in the market, and potential for greater profitability in your asset. Crafting a succinct strategy for success, our team will help you better understand your current positioning, as well as a pathway to achieve your future aspirations quickly and efficiently.

This is especially important before entering negotiations of your asset, with a comprehensive valuation ensuring you don’t sell your business, or yourself, short in transaction.

As an adjunct offering to our more extensive documents, we provide independent asset assessments to benefit clients who may not require the full extent of our valuation service. A framework that uses similar analysis, our asset assessments are structured to be more high level and cost effective in nature, maintaining all the long-term benefits in a simpler, shorter format.

Client feedback

“Mark understands real estate business valuations better than anyone and I trust him so much that he was the one who I got to value my family’s agency. The valuation was instrumental in helping to secure a great buyer at the best possible price.”

Kristen Porter

Founder and Legal Strategist, O*NO Legal

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