The long and the short of it is: the best people to talk about our services, are the ones who’ve experienced it first-hand.

“It’s time you meet one of our industry’s most incredible thinkers, strategists and out of the box business development gurus. Pendium Advisory are the who’s who that real estate industry leaders are turning to, to ignite passionate business growth and develop business continuity plans that actually work.”

Josh Phegan

Real Estate Business Trainer and Speaker

“Couldn’t recommend the team at Pendium Advisory more highly. We recently sold our close to 300 property rent roll, and with the team at Pendium Advisory assisting and guiding us through every step of the sale, what should have been an extremely difficult and stressful process was made simple — and this was even during the early lockdown stages due to COVID-19. Can’t thank these guys enough for everything they did for us.”

Chris Cygulis

Director, Corporate City

“We appointed Pendium Advisory to take care and facilitate the sale of our rent rolls. Mark was outstanding. Him and his team’s communication was excellent and were always on the front foot to project manage the solicitor, buyer, the deal momentum and most importantly, ensuring we got the best sale price. They were quick to find suitable buyer’s and delivered on their word. Pendium Advisory also thought outside the box to structure the best deal given our concentration of managements was spread out.”

Ben Handler

Co-founder & former CEO of Cohen Handler

“When I was approached by a real estate shark who wanted to purchase my family owned and run business, I contacted Pendium Advisory to ask their opinion on value. The team was genuinely caring and supportive and didn’t want to see me make a mistake that my Father (also my business partner) and I would always regret. Luckily for us, we did not venture into a private agreement with the person that approached us, however, when the time came to do business with a genuine buyer, the team was direct, honest, and understanding of our concerns. They had the perfect buyer on their books without conducting any marketing and we set a record conversion rate in a record time.”

Nikki Varga

Director, Varga Realty

“Pendium Advisory was recommended to me whilst in the throughs of selling my rent roll. From our very first conversation, I instantly felt at ease knowing that they had a wealth of knowledge and could offer full support and guidance. Navigating multiple deals and having to do due diligence, although not a new concept to me, felt like an arduous and endless task. Working through each step knowing I had support helped me stay focused and, in the end, secure an amazing deal.”

Martine Chauvin

Director, Prime Real Estate

“I would like to give big thanks to Pendium Advisory who are highly professional and experienced in handling the rent roll purchase process. From preparation of the purchase agreement, providing DD checklist, generating various property info reports to the final settlement property list and figure, Michelle diligently guided both seller and buyer in all the steps with face-to-face meetings, telephone calls, emails. Pendium Advisory also has an online property record tracking system (PECs) to help track and record the Management authority conversion process which makes the settlement easy and accurate. I can’t speak highly enough about Michelle’s knowledge about property management and industrial experience. She is so pleasant to work with and she resolved any issues I had. I highly recommend their service.”

Lucy Deng

Principle, Aus Vision Realty Group

“We have recently been involved in the sale of our rent roll and this was undertaken after a lot of deliberation and soul searching having been in business for over 30 years. However, even though it was initially, a daunting task the team at Pendium Advisory walked us through the whole process with their very professional, cheerful and supportive approach. We are very happy with the offer that we received. Thank you.”

John Page

Director, Woodville Property