Erin Sinclair

Client Support Manager

Collaboration comes naturally to Erin. A communication expert with over twenty years’ experience running customer relations in both the legal profession and the medical industry, Erin knows the critical value of ardent service. Because when you’re in the business of dealing with professional credibility, respect and discretion form the foundation of lasting connections. That, and the absence of passing judgment, both of which Erin is known to demonstrate —and receive best customer support awards for. Naturally accommodating and skilfully resourceful, she’s the first point of contact for the team, and the one that makes your client experience seamless. Attuned to identifying opportunities for growth and business development for Pendium Advisory, Erin takes great comfort in seeing clients benefit from our services in turn. Sharpening business focuses on profit, progress, and sustainability, Erin knows that committed legacies are a product of hard work. So, she’s here to provide exactly that for you.

The short: Although a numbers industry, Erin reads between the lines. And that’s why in her company, the maximisation of your legacy feels like a true partnership.

Erin Sinclair | Pendium Advisory