Lachlan Sinclair

Associate Director - Valuations & Transactions

In this industry, figures tell stories and Lachlan’s a seasoned interpreter. Analysing, then understanding data and its potential, he revels in the opportunity to help his clients transition from one chapter of their lives to another. That, and ensuring that the reward exceeds market (and personal) expectations. It’s how he achieved the highest multiplier ever paid for a rent roll in Western Australia — but more importantly, an anecdote of how two brothers walked away with 25% more than they agreed to settle on. This is the difference that engaging a professional can make; and with over a decade in property, Lachlan’s vocation as a facilitator of value is shaped by first-hand experience. Providing strategic guidance from portfolio analysis to asset transfer, he thrives in the challenge of unravelling the complex and proactively communicating at every stage. Because there’s advocating for good decisions, but it’s by Lachlan investing in better processes that sees his clients go further.

The short: Specialising in a niche market means two things; Lachlan’s priority is maximising your legacy, and he’s one of the best in doing exactly that.

Lachlan Sinclair | Pendium Advisory