Mark Sinclair

Managing Director

Evolving an industry is no easy feat, but for Mark, progress has always come naturally. Before founding Pendium Advisory, he owned his own successful agency and acted as the master franchiser of a national real estate group — exceeding growth in revenue upwards of 600% and 700% in office locations over his eight-year tenure. Privy to a perspective only those who’ve lived the industry can understand, he developed a business that caters to the true needs of his peers.  From working to preserve the value of assets in a transaction to advancing the strategic direction of those building a business in property management, Mark works to fill the gaps general brokers are blocked by. Enthusiastic, considered, and boundless in his care, Mark is invested in the outcomes of his clients’, delivering a true payoff on years of dedication. An established thought-leader and strategic innovator — Mark is as much of an asset as the rent rolls he brokers, values, and advises on. 

The short: Reflecting the values that see his clients develop 20-year-long businesses; Mark’s enduring passion pushes your value beyond the rest.

Mark Sinclair | Pendium Advisory