Michelle Pearson

Associate Director - Business Services

From a background in residential and commercial sales, management, and accounting — Michelle is a proven knowledge-leader in the intricate nature of asset trade. Responsible for coordinating the entire transaction process from initial valuation through to settlement; she makes it her business for yours to be handled with expertise, assurance, and a level of personal treatment outside of the industry standard.

If you believe strength is in numbers, she’ll tell you about her reputation for achieving the highest multipliers to almost 100% conversion rates — but Michelle is actually focused on the number of expectations she can exceed. Meticulously moving the needle towards delivering an experience beyond the transaction, she’s a specialist in your corner first, and a partner in your real estate ecosystem second. Guidance underpinned by intuitive empathy; communication prioritised to envelop every piece of the process. With Michelle, the concept of rent rolls is as simple as the way it rolls off the tongue.

The short: Talking the talk means Michelle is an expert in conversations you’ll wish you had earlier; and the walk is the track record of lasting impact on those she encounters.

Michelle Pearson | Pendium Advisory