When should you start succession planning?

The long and the short of it: before it’s too late.

Every business owner is acutely aware of the importance of succession planning — but unfortunately for many principals, it’s often relegated to tomorrow’s problem.

In too many cases, succession planning is only considered when a principal is wishing to selling the business, or when they reach the brink of burnout. However, it’s crucial to recognise that this approach, typically, wont yield the best result.

Have you ever contemplated what your exit strategy truly entails? Can you clearly envision the path ahead? More so, have you identified a successor that has the capacity to take over your legacy?

Succession planning is not an eleventh-hour decision; it should be an integral part of your business journey from the very beginning and that’s where we come in.

Our dedicated team will collaborate with you, on a structured basis, to guide you and your business towards maximising your value and ensuring a brighter and more secure future for all involved.

In short: the secret to getting ahead is getting started.

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