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They are the business brokers filling a gap in the real estate industry – assisting agents and agencies with successfully buying or selling their rent roll or business. 

Mark Sinclair, previously the WA master franchisor for Raine & Horne saw a genuine market for a broking service with expertise in real estate transactions, it was then that Realestimations was born. 

“Understanding how agencies thought about selling or expanding and seeing first-hand the differences between good and poor offices proved invaluable and gave us confidence there was a strong demand for a dedicated rent roll and real estate business brokerage service in WA,” Mark said. 

“We noticed that additional services of rent roll and business valuations and specialist consulting to facilitate a transaction, now represent a significant proportion of our clients’ needs.”

What Realestimations does so well is that they are in tune with the complexities and challenges faced by real estate agents, and adhere to each client’s individual needs in order to facilitate a successful sales transaction, and build rapport with their clients’ in the process. 

Realestimations can help your business thrive during this challenging time, by coaching survival to outperform and defy the odds.

“The real estate industry in WA is part-way through arguably its most significant transformation. What we’re seeing – and expect to continue seeing, is significant consolidation of agencies,” Mark said. 

“With changes to sales agent’s remuneration, margins being squeezed, access to credit becoming more difficult and technology changing, we believe there will be far fewer practising agencies in the years ahead.”

Mark also said the biggest challenges faced by agencies is in their ability to turn a profit, and this typically will rely on their ability to acquire and grow their rent roll, develop internal efficiencies and new technologies.

“Given current information and trends, survival of agencies will depend on efficiencies and scale.”

“The blueprint for successful agencies post 2020 will be a combination of great leadership with strong business acumen, exceptional back-end infrastructure, the right supporting technology, an efficient organisational structure with well-trained staff, as well as a large property management portfolio,” Mark said. 

Mark said having trained with REIWA gives their clients the confidence that Realestimations is affiliated with WA’s leading industry body in real estate.

“While there are similarities, real estate agency and rent roll broking is entirely different to normal agency practice, so working within REIWA’s Code of Conduct and being bound by the same rules and guidelines as our client’s gives us the common ground,” he said.

Realestimations continues to expand and operate as one of the premier real estate brokers and valuers in Australia. 

“Helping so many agency owners transition into retirement or grow their existing operation, and the impact that’s had on their lives and businesses, has been without a doubt our best and most satisfying accomplishment.”

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