REB Awards 2024 Finalist

The most successful, innovative and eminent contributors in the Real Estate business industry all have a common objective – win a REB Award.

The Real Estate Business Awards is the benchmark of excellence in the industry, recognising and rewarding the lead real estate professionals and their dedication. For the last 12 years, this award has been a marker of success for agents, brokers, networks, innovators, leaders and property managers all over Australia.

The REB Awards have acknowledged the increasing quality and size of their candidate’s calibre. Combined with the fascinating market and its current players, this year is promising.

With over 700 rent rolls sold, valued, and consulted on, Pendium Advisory has the honour of being selected as a finalist for this year’s 12th edition. Their strategic approach of ‘making the complex simple’ has translated into straightforward results ­– valuations, advisory and brokering with less confusion, and more growth.

These past years, Pendium Advisory has been standing out ­– and up. Hence, their nomination as finalists for the “Innovator of the Year – Company” category of this year’s REB Awards.

Mark Sinclair, Managing Director at Pendium Advisory, stated that he was humbled and proud of this recognition. He also mentioned how this will only strengthen Pendium’s dedication to connecting with the community.

In essence, the real estate industry is a wide, increasingly creative, and competitive landscape — and the REB Awards is a short list.

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