What factors influence the value of your rent roll?

Gone are the days of blindly following the competition’s multipliers. It’s time to uncover the real secrets behind your asset’s worth.

Over the past few years, through hundreds of engagements, valuations, and deals — we’ve developed a sophisticated system that meticulously analyses 15 crucial factors that determine the value of your rent roll.

First, we consider the obvious, like the size of your portfolio. But it doesn’t stop there. We delve into the micro, assessing the return per individual property per annum.

Management fee percentages, weekly rental values, ancillary collections — these are just a few of the integral pieces to the overall puzzle.

Finally, we examine ownership densities and the geographic distribution of your portfolio.

Remember, even portfolios of similar size and location can differ significantly. That’s why getting a proper valuation is absolutely critical.

In short: There’s nothing cookie-cutter when it comes to this equation.

What factors influence the value of your rent roll?

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